Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel error with API call and

wappler 4.9.1
Attempting to pull data from an api using

In the server connect api script, if I click on the define API schema and then fetch schema it will connect through the API and retrieve the schema. so the authentication and schema requests are going through and seem to communicate correctly in wappler but once I try to run server connect script through the browser I get this error:

Do make sure your windows server is updated and supports TLS 1.1

Looks like it supports TLS 1.1

I"m headed out for the day though. And probably won’t be back to the problem for a bit.

Any other things to check?

Could it be browser side? I’m on a mac, I’ll try to update my chrome to see if that might be issue?

According to an online scan of the server TLS 1.0 & 1.1

Here is the scan URL

@george any other places to look?

Well you might want to try some of the suggestions here:

Thanks @george some good ideas there. I will explore and see what I can find out. rights to the use of the cert or something could be funky.

Ok, @george and @patrick what are the chances of getting the .net version updated to support TLS 1.2? I am able to connect to some other APIs through https, so I don’t think now that its my setup, but that the API provider doesn’t support TLS 1.1. I’ve got an email into them, but I’m guessing other people might need the .net updated also.


PS And I know you guys are busy with the beta, but I desperately need to get this working.

Here is the reply back from my API provider. They don’t support TLS 1.1, so we are going to need to figure out how to get updated?

Do you have actually more recent version of running on your server like 4.5 and up?

So not ver 3.5 as it has only the old stuff.

So make sure in IOS the latest is selected.

Correct, everything seems to be up to date. It shows that the server has .net version 4.8 installed. I have RDP access to the actual server.

Could it be the application pool assigned to the site needs to be using 4.8 somehow. I’ve been all through this and all looks to be setup correctly. I could email you the API page and see if you can connect to if from your end? If you have a .net server to test it on?

Yes I think you can specify .net version per pool. So make sure you have the latest selected in the pool that you are running the site on

But if you said that wappler component uses TLS 1.1? Docspring API requires TLS 1.2.

And other APIs that are https will work. I’m guessing they are allowing 1.1 still?

Well the api connector in .net should really use TLS 1.2 if you have the latest .net 4.8 running

Is that confirmed that it does? Or is that it should? Did you get the code that I sent you? Can you confirm that it will work on your side? All of the login creds and coding should all work that I sent you. Log in info is all in there. All they dynamic stuff was takin out for testing purposes.

this link shows their SSL setups

Ugh. I’m lost. I’ve checked everything…

We set in the code to support all TLS versions, the following part is from our source code.

ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls;

SecurityProtocolType Enum (System.Net) | Microsoft Docs

We then use the HttpWebRequest class to make the API request. Not sure if we are missing something here, but normally it should pick the best available protocol on your server, so probably TLS 1.2 is not available on your server.