Copying a project?

I maybe missing something or even over thinking this, but is there a way to copy a project and all its dependencies to use in a new project?


Do you mean duplicating a project? You can copy the folder contents of the project on your local drive, rename, and then open the duplicated project folder in Wappler, just click the open existing folder button.

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Thanks @max_gb I will give this a try tomorrow and see how it goes.


Hi @StevenM. Did this work for you in copying a project? I tried but nothing happened when selecting the renamed project folder from ‘Open Existing Folder’.

I tried the Duplicate function in Project Manager before doing this but it doesn’t appear to duplicate the database which is what I really want.

Your database is not stored in the project folder.
It’s on the database server. You can export your database and then import it on another server/use it with a different project.

Thanks @Teodor, I was thinking more the table structures rather than the whole database and wondering if this could be replicated or copied within Wappler. I have done lots with data design in the past but have limited experience in actually using database tools for development or management. I’m at an early stage with my project so it won’t take long to recreate the tables I need.