Coonection to Database

Hi, I’m struggling with the database connection to my MySql database. I keep getting errors and have followed all of the docs, and tutorials but I must be missing something. Most of the fixes in the replies here don’t seem to apply to my situation either. This is so frustrating I’ve been on this for hours now. I was getting an error that the database wasn’t allowing the username access but I have full privileges. Here’s the latest message I’m getting:

can someone please point me in the right direction?


The error says that the access for this user is denied for the server address you are using.
Are you sure that’s the db server address which you are supposed to use, and not just localjost ?

Hi Teodor, many thanks for responding. I might feel very daft in a second. When I put localhost it does say it connects. However because my database is on my webserver, I thought localhost would only work if the database was on my machine?

AH, however, i get an error after using local host and gettting connection success message, saying no such file or directory?

No, that’s not the case.
Wappler pushes the connection file to the server you setup in the ftp config and connects through there. You do not connect remotely, but from your web server

Can you provide a screenshot please?
Also, is your remote target properly configured?

That’s what I’m getting now.
I’m not sure about the remote target, but my ftp details seem to be connecting ok. My target info looks like this

The remote target - the target you specified in your project options.
Have you clicked the test button there?

yes that works like clockwork. :slight_smile:

Can you scroll right in the error dialog, so we can see the whole message?

Ah, hold on. I just changed this at the botton of thee screen image and it seems to have worked. changed it from local to the server name. I’m, incredibly confused. Yet over-joyed at the same time. Thank you for your help though.

Well, yes you should select your remote target when trying to connect to the remote database :slight_smile:

Ha ha, that’s not the first dumb thing I’ve done today. I think it’s gonna be a long swim to understanding island! Thanks again.