Cookie Policy / Security warnings question

This might be a strange question, however when using Wappler components obviously each component works in different ways, some like the geo location component would need me to add a warning on my site to tell people we are tracking them for whatever reason.

Some of the companies I work with have sent me entire question-aires about my cookie usage etc. so their legal teams can write up all the required junk to tell the website visitors that no body will probably ever even read.

Here is a copy of one i was sent a while back
Privacy Cookies Policy NEW (27.9 KB)

To be honest I have no clue how to complete the table at the end of this with data asked for like cookie length and I also have no idea what other things store what, if I use live chat or google analytics or an API call to a bookings provider then they will all collect some info too, so how the heck is anyone meant to actually complete something like this?

Indeed, a bit of a nightmare. Where third-party sites are involved, with their own cookies and policies etc., you would think it would be reasonable to include links to the relevant sites for people who are interested (as you say, probably nobody).

A Firefox extension I find very useful is Cookie Quick Manager:


It’s useful for seeing what cookies are used and for viewing their contents. (You can also check the contents of session files if you develop locally). Useful for debugging cookie-related matters when working with Wappler.

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Thanks so much @TomD I will certainly give that a try. Honestly though this whole cookie thing is an absolute pain in the …

I must admit, I am in the same boat. I use the ‘EditThisCookie’ extension in Chrome, but I still don’t understand it fully.

I have just had a look at it for this page and here is an extract…

“domain”: “”,
“expirationDate”: 1549019688.71454,
“hostOnly”: true,
“httpOnly”: true,
“name”: “_t”,
“path”: “/”,
“sameSite”: “no_restriction”,
“secure”: true,
“session”: false,
“storeId”: “0”,
“value”: “9814514250bd084ce8975f8d2a285ada”,
“id”: 4

I hope someone can give us some simple guidance.

Hey Tom,
FYI in Firefox access the ‘Debug’ console then click on Storage. Will see all your Cookies there. Very useful feature!

Prior to GDPR the majority of our Clients required in-depth privacy policies covering cookie usage and consent so thankfully we covered our bases beforehand. We also provide a download link in the User area whereby the User can download any personal information that is stored. We keep as little information as possible. If we use Geo Location services the user is always made aware and has the option to disable this type of feature. If we use external API’s we speak with the provider and more often than not they provide an extract of their policy to us for inclusion in our own, we also link to their policy in full. We hold no responsibility and state this fact clearly for second/third party integrations (this is also stated clearly). We have never had to disclose all the Cookies used only the fact that we make use of Cookies to store, name, e-mail, etc (again stated very clearly). It is then up to the User to accept or reject. If they proceed without acceptance it is agreed that they have by default accepted our policy (again clearly stated to the User).

Hope that helps mate!

Thanks Dave. This is indeed very useful and probably a better solution for most purposes.

Certainly, thank you Dave, I am very happy to do an overall “we have cookies” so I am glad that legally covers things, I was concerned i would have to list every cookie for every element i add to a page or an entire site rather which would be nuts as even Google Analytics knows where geographically that traffic came from as do many of the live chat systems etc. To list them all on some sites would just be a disaster.

Thanks for confirming it really helps.