Conversion of Normal Server Action to Library Action

I sometimes have very complex server actions which would be great to now use in the Library Server Action area of Wappler.

This request is for a feature to allow the copying or moving of normal server actions into the Library Area and for Wappler to manage the conversion process.

This is an excellent idea and now I’ve seen you’ve successfully done this manually, I am hoping it’s not too big a job to have a proper feature made for it.


Happens a lot to me, seems like a natural development way for me. Curious how others do it that don’t experience this issue?

My workflow:

  1. Start simple
  2. Build out slowly
  3. Optimise more complex server action by using library actions
  4. Need to convert part to library action
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Yes, that is very much the way to go… and the last time I tried it, all you needed to do was move the SA into the Library area, delete all the post/get parameters, save, and BINGO, you have a library action!

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Huh? How aer you doing that?

Isn’t this feature request to do exactly that?

I open it in the editor and save as into the library area…

To add to this suggestion, it would be even better if we could select certain steps inside of a server action that would then be turned into a library action.


That would be amazing…

This feature really would be helpful

Friendly bump

Friendly bump; This feature is a productivity accelerator

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For now, open the API call in the editor, copy the code, create new library entry, open it in the editor, past the code in. Edit Posts to become Params.

It’s not instant but does save you rebuilding all the logic visually again.]

It would alo be nice if POST and GET params were removed from Library API actions - for those who forget and create a bunch of POST params instead and have to change them all over later


Bump. It would save a lot of time.

Bump again :blush:

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