Conversion between the old and new design panel



I just noticed some kind bugs about the new design panel after installing 1.8.2 update:

It look like all the design settings of my web pages (borders, text colors, spacing etc.) are not recognized anymore in the design panel…

For example, I have some background images on a page but the link to image is not showing anymore in the design panel, and if I try to change the image from there (background image folder icon) it have effect, the actual image still there.

Same thing for elements that have borders or color setting: Not showing in design panel and if trying to modify from there it does not work, it keep the actual border settings.

I have Windows 10 in my PC.

Wappler 1.8.2 Released

Hello @Webjack357,
I have a question about what is not recognized. Are you referring to styles, previously applied to the elements using the Design Panel?


Exactly Teodor, all css styles previously applied to all elements using the Design Panel are not recognized. And I can’t apply new styles to any element as is have no effect.
But The styled element do show ok in preview.

For example here is a element with dashed red color border but it doesn’t reflect in design panel:

An other one: This container have a background image but not linked anymore in design panel:

And if I try to change that image it does nor work either.

On the other hand I created a new page and everything work fine with styling in the design panel.


Yes that’s because the Design Panel used inline styling until now (as it is work in progress/experimental feature). Now that’s changed to styles placed in styles tags in the page head.
We are going to add a feature that converts the inline styles to the new styles in the head tags of your page in the next update, so all the current styles will be recognized.


If you can join in on the discussion here, it would be helpful.


Ok I get it, while not sure I understand why inline css are managed that way now, but I am not the expert…

Thank very much for your for your reply Teodor.


Please read my last post:


Ok so this will apply to the previously styled element? That’s cool then :slight_smile: