Controlling Font Awesome versions

It doesn’t seem possible to prevent Fontawesome 4 being added to a page when Bootstrap is added - eg if I want to use version 5. I tried adding Fontawesome 5 first, but then both versions are added. Removing version 4 manually, before adding v5 results in:

(which I assume is not true)

If I create a new file with a local version of Bootstrap, a fontawesome4 folder is added, and, if I have the target set to remote, a copy will be added to the remote server too. I can delete both folders but they’ll keep coming back. Not a big problem - just a slight inconvenience.

If you just add bootstrap first, the fontawesome 4 will be auto added indeed. But you can then just choose to add v5 and it will auto replace FA v4

Sorry - you’re right. I thought you ended up with both versions, but I think this is only if you add v5 first, before Bootstrap. I tried this to avoid the fontawesome4 folder from being created each time, but I don’t think this can be avoided.

Normally adding FA v5 first and then BS4 should retain FA5 as well - I will check it out.

It does - but it also adds v4. It’s unlikely you would want both versions.

Also, if you have FA v5 and change from a local version of Bootstrap to a CDN - FA v4 is added, so again, you end up with both versions.

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