Context menu for App Structure

Since the Context menu was presented in Workflows, it improved speed and comfort in this area a lot.

So adding it to App Structure would be useful too.


But besides the usability itself, there is another reason to do so. The problem is that lack of context menu in App Structure creates the inconsistency in interface.

Users, after working in workflows and get used to the context menu, then go to App Structure and their reflexes tell them they can use the context menu. While actually they can’t, and they right-click here by mistake. So instead of saving time, it causes additional frustration.
Now working with nodes our brain should take a second every time to think and figure out what exactly the context is here.

In other words, different UI in similar context cause problems. So for example if you want to add a context menu, it is much better to do it in all main node-based panels simultaneously.