Contains Is Now In?

Just curious, while I was building a filtered input, I noticed that the choices in Conditions has eliminated Contains. So is In = Contains? – Sounds plausible to me.

However, I cannot get the filter to work while typing in the input. In fact, there’s no activity. Could it be due to the Contains is no longer in the lineup? No doubt.

The conditions are being displayed depending on the data type.
Contains condition is available for strings. From what I see on the screenshot your data in the selected column is not string.

Okay, I see that it is a number, so I will change that to text. Thanks Teodor!

One more thing about filtering more than one column name…

Setting up one field to search while typing works excellently!

When I try adding more than one search item, i.e., account OR region OR last name. The search fails. How do I use the filter input field settings to search more than one field?

I noticed there are new other features available:

  1. extra dynamic picker to the right of the AND OR …
  2. Add rule, Add group

Are these items the key to adding more fields? Should I use Add group?

Any help will be very appreciated…

Please explain what are you trying to achieve, so i can answer your question :slight_smile:

Okay, I want to use the filter input field to search (as you type) using more than one condition, i.e, account, region, and last_name.

I tried to add rows with each of these columns using OR, but it failed. Then I noticed the Add Group choice on the right (see image).

I’m looking for instructions on how to utilize the Database Query Builder to use more than one query row. Then be able to type data in the input field that one of the three columns would search through.

I was able to do it under the older DW without problems. So I’m sure I am not doing it correctly with the newer Wappler app.




I did exactly what you did and it works perfectly:

Please provide a link to your page where i can inspect what is wrong.

The page is local using MAMP. I will go over it again and see if I can catch my error. Thanks!