Console warnings when using Tagify

Hi i got this warnings on browser console, also i followed the step but multi reference table has not adding id’s, but the main table havng the record. in my case users and roles, roles as multi reference

when submiting the form i do not got any error.

but this warnings are exists. also when i select a role and click outside its disappear.

@Teodor @George please help on my issue. thanks

When do you get the warning, is this by page load, after editing tags or after the submit?

on page load, but its stays as it is even though when i fill in the form fields and submit.

Also tagify component selected value disappear when clicking outside. Don’t know what mistake i’m doing.

Could you post the html tag that was generated. It looks like that tagify identifies the values as invalid and that’s why it’s removing them. Not sure what goes wrong, will try if I can reproduce. It would be helpful if you have a simple test case where it goes wrong and I can check.

I fixed the issue by selecting No Custom, in tagify(disappear selected value). but still the multi reference table does not updated with value created.
no error either.

dont know where i’m doing a mistake. did multiple time following up the step from docs. still i could not solve.

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Do it manually by processing the array of values. Safest choice