Connection to database in wamp - problem

Hi there. trying to setup a new project, but cant get pass the target page. I have set:
Server Type: Own server
web server url: http://localhost/website
access type: Local folder

Type: Custom
Host: Localhost
Port 3306
Database: webin
User: root
pass: no password

The no password gives me problems, as I cant do as I normally do with a wamp server and mysql.

Normal I connect with user “root” and no password, but how can I get on witout an password

Can anybody help, that runs wamp server ?

What is the exact issue you are having? Are there any error messages?

The connection windows wants a password for my developer server that are a wamp server, but connecting to the database I just user Root as user and NO password,
The problem is that the connection window insists on a password, but there are no password.

Am I doing it wrong ??

You should always have a password. Using root and no password opens your database wide open. In my opinion, Wappler is correct in enforcing a password. Why not just set a password?

Don’t define your db connection there. Open the server connect panel, under globals there’s databases connections, define your connection there.

I created a password, but trying to view in a browser the url shows as:
http://localhost:50565/register_company, with a message like this:
File C:\wamp64\www\tuvo\register_company not found.

Cant find the issue…

Project target settings:

Global connection setting

cant seem to find whats wrong.

Made a new install, and tried to open the demo static portfolio page.
it opens with the url: http://localhost:52554/index.html

Since it is a wamp server, on port 80, I dont get it.
Also My public folder is “www” but it wont let me change it. Only the “public” that was allready there is accepted.
Please adwise how to get this to work…
Best regards Steen