Configuring logout button visibility based on logged users


I’ve been struggling now more than few days to make this work. I’ve created a login system based on Brian’s webinar 3 part 1 video. Everything is working perfectly except the button visibility. When I hide the login button and make a logout button visible if a user is logged in, it looks like the login button stays hidden even the user is not logged in, and the logout button stays visible all the time.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Maybe you can test by yourself and see if there’s anything to fix.

Hi @Petri. I’ve done what you’re after and the technique I used was to have


when logged in and


when logged out. So the identical code but one is hide and the other is show.

It looks like you have just added some code without using the picker.


Unfortunate since the writing of those videos (i am remastering at present) the picker has changed a lot. Now you can’t just add some code by typing it in, you must use this picker fully.
So select sc_get_user_dat_userid then click the magic wand

Select “Operation”, select “>” Then value 0

(alternatively you should be able to use != Null)

Yes, it looks like it has changed a lot. Well, good to know, we are moving toward less writing and more convenient point and click type of approach.

Like this?

Yes, that looks correct

Now it works. Thanks. Do you plan to make new videos in the near future? They has helped me a lot.

I am doing a new series now, should be ready in a week or two although it is aimed firmly at new users/ beginners. More a full training course than a specific how to tutorial