Conditional Server Connect update

In DW version there is a ‘conditional’ input when we are about to make an update / delete / insert. How do we achieve the same in Wappler?
Attaching a screenshot from the DW ServerConnect version to make it more clear what I mean. Thank you

Very good question. Especially for when checking if a value exists in a table before inserting.

Hello guys,
This is useful when using update record and want to update the file name only when the file is uploaded. We will be adding this option in the next updates.
What @brad suggest should actually be done using the condition step, not the condition for the update/insert record value.

Yes this functionality is very useful especially when someone wants to update the value of a filename. By using the ‘conditional’ input I am referring to, the filename, in the database, is olny updated when the POST[‘filename’] has a value.

Yes that’s right. We will add this in the next updates.

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Hi, Has this feature been added in the new 1.1.0 update?

No, it will be added in the next updates.

Yes @patrick should check this

Sorry - I replied to the wrong thread.

Hello Tom,
The only thing that is missing now from the old query builder are the conditions you mention.
ALL the rest is really much powerful with all the nesting conditions available.
Not sure what do you mean it is less powerful??

Thanks Teodor
As this topic has been renamed (edit: sorry, no it hasn’t. I’m in a muddle with the threads - after my topic was renamed earlier), it might be simpler if I start a new topic. I hope I’m wrong and the new query builder can do what it looks like it can do. I’ve spent quite a while trying to figure it out.

@patrick I am sending you all my love for all the hard work you do. Plus some ‘Mythos’ to enjoy. If you dont know what ‘Mytos’ is please ask me or @Teodor :smile:

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The conditional option has been added to query builder, as well as to the insert, update and delete actions.