Conditional region flash briefly on refresh

I am using conditional region to hide some sections, and they work. but on page refresh, they briefly show their contents and then vanish.

I was under impression these are better to use then Show/hide.

I understand it might have to do with the value of their condition being loaded or not on start.

One condition is on !recordset.hasitems() obviously it has no records on refresh until it gets the records. I am assuming that is why it flashes.

Anything i should be doing better with conditions?


ps i just noticed adding a preloader helps a lot

I guess this has never been answered. Iā€™m getting the same thing and have tried various extra conditions to try and get it not to flash. I ended up adding a preloaded and that seems to mask it.

What you can do is expand the expression. So for a typical server connect you could use:

! &&

Which is to say, show the conditional region if the recordset does not have items AND if the server connect has run.


@mebeingken thank you! I completely forgot about the hasItems() function. I was trying to use !serverconnect.state.executing
which now that I think about it would probably make it flash before it starts executing.