Conditional LInk in Nav based on user being logged in

I want to put a link in my nav that only shows up if the user is logged in. The nav is being used by a server side include. I know that the I should user security name + Id, but I"m just not sure exaclty how to make it work? Any suggestions?

Hello Baub,
Just check the logged user details and use dmx-show dynamic attributes or conditional region to show/hide it.

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Yes, I’ve been through this a number of times. I can get user details no problem.

What I need is to show a link if a user is logged in. I need it to be in my navigation that is being used as a server side include. Do I have to carry the logged in info in a session

This is how I used to do it in just asp classic.
<%If Session(“MySecurityId”) Then %>Show my stuff<% end if %>

Which actually works. But it messes my layout on the screen up. I know this is easy to do, I am just missing something basic.

any help?

thanks as always

No need of this.
Just check for the logged in user details. If the user is logged in, the query will return its ID, if not - nothing will be returned.
So either check if the query returns a result, or check for the logged user ID returned by the query…