Conditional Dynamic Event (again)

Live URL here:

I have read this: Problem with conditional dynamic event

Trying to do this:
ON Click of a ROW:
IF ‘on a phone’
use data-detail

You can see the source of the page, Line 127
Throws a console error when clicking the row
Something not right about the syntax.
I used the same format as the DMX-SHOW on line 137

Any ideas?

I would recommend converting your logic to a client-side flow - it’s much easier and less error prone. Simple click on your existing logic edit with the flow icon instead. It will convert for you. I’ve grown to really love their capability - and it’s more robust

I don’t know anything about “client-side flow”
(one of the drawbacks following a 3-year old thread)

there was a button in dynamic events - NO hint text, but after clicking says
“do you want to convert the action to an Inline Flow”

So I did and now have:
<tr dmx-on:click="run([{run:{action:browser1.viewport.width > 767 ? (selected_index.setValue(ID)}},{run:{action: :}}])" dmx-class:bg-info="ID == selected_index.value">

But I still get the parser error in the console, and offcanvas never shows

still stuck on this. no joy

dmx-on:click="browser1.viewport.width > 767 ? (selected_index.setValue(ID) + :"

Try this.

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Yes, thats the syntax with the “+” sign. Perfect and Thank You!