Conditional display in input field ⚡

What’s up boys,
How could I setup my input field with an If a dynamic value exists then display it, else display 'some text’?

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Set a default value using the data formatter …

Sure but how do i create the condition if/else when I use the dynamic attributes?

Just use as I posted above.

If your field has a dynamic data it will show it. If it doesn’t it should show what you set as a default if there is no dynamic value.

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I think I got it, you apply the default formatter to the dynamic value. Thanks!
And I found another simple way: ‘some text’ in the placeholder of the input field :ok_hand: which displays by default when there’s no dynamic value.

Placeholder text will not get submitted. It is just a display. If you need the default value actually submitted with the form you need to use the default method.


Good point.
It is for user display purpose in my case.

Then the placeholder is the proper way to go. Glad you got it solved. Good luck.

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