Conditional dataScheme for AC components

@George is there a way to define a schema conditionally? I think not because you handle this with functions.

In any case it would be nice if you could set different schemas depending on the value of an attribute. Would it take much?

Proposal to not break current functionality:

Single data schema:

dataScheme: [
    {name: 'running', type: 'boolean'},
    {name: 'percent', type: 'number'}

Multiple data schema:

dataSchemeConditional: true,
	"schemeA": [{"name": "name1"},{"type": "boolean"}],
	"schemeB": [{"name": "name1"},{"type": "boolean"}, {"name": "name2"},{"type": "string"}],
	"schemeC": [{"name": "name1"},{"type": "boolean"}, {"name": "name2"},{"type": "string"}, {"name": "name3"},{"type": "number"}]

<dmx-component dmx-schema="schemeB"></dmx-component>

'dmx-schema' would be a static attribute.