Condition on $value in Data


Wappler Version : 1.9.6
Operating System : Windows 10

Expected behavior

Setting where condition on $value of data should filter the data.

Actual behavior

The where condition is failing with no data shown.

How to reproduce

Have set bind value of a repeat region as below.``$value``, "'BANKS'", "contains")

If I set it without the condition, all values are shown correctly.
Also, I have used similar condition for another binding. But there the value is coming from a named parameter, so its working great.

NOTE: $value is in single quotes `. Added two here to format.


Do you need the double and single quoting of “BANKS”, I am seeing it as “‘Banks’” (


You are correct it should be one single/double quote, but it still doesn’t work.


Same issue with $value perhaps?, are those double backticks?


That is single only. Double just for the formatting as code here in community.


Its a variable, should it be quoted at all?
Will this not mean it is treat as a literal instead of a variable?


Thats what I thought.
But turns out Wappler is putting $value in ` (the quote sign below esc). I just selected it from action picker. And it breaks if I remove it manually.


@Teodor / @patrick any fix for this?