Concatenate name file with url and Copy file in folder for export in zip

Hello, I have a query, for which the last column returns the name of the file,

I want to recover all the files named in this last column to copy them to a defined directory

I know that I have to use my request to say that at each recording if it finds the file it copies it to me in the directory

but I don’t know how to do it with a repeat?

thanks in advance

So create a database query, then a repeat step, which repeats the query.
Inside the repeat step add the file copy step, and for the file path add the file path and name returned from under the repeat.

thank you I will test, is it possible to add a text in front of the value of the field? to define the path

example my file is called: image-0-1-2.jpg
I would like to indicate that the address of the file is /app/visuels/image-0-1-2.jpg

a concatenate

Well yes of course.

How to use repeat to copy my images to the correct directories


It’s good , thanks