Complete section on Google Maps

So many people use google maps in their sites, a detailed section on it would be great, eg to put html into a infowindow is rather odd as it is via a 1 line UI. It would be great if it were easier to explore all that google maps has to offer withina great wappler UI.
I am trying to put together a Disaster recovery site and would like to be able to change the marker icons from red, to orange to green as the status of the Disaster or individuals circumstance changes but will have to try and hand code it and try and get it to integrate with wappler. Being limited technically the more wappler can do the better it is and I am really impressed with the technical support and all that wappler can do. Well done and keep on adding to it

These may help

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Thanks for those video links, I am gradually working my way through your videos and they are much appreciated, its just such a growth area that the more wappler has to make it easier to fully integrate the more appealing wappler will be to those like me.
I have with the help of your videos and support from the wappler community managed to create a map, populate it dynamically with markers and populate info windows from a table on a mysql database and appreciate all the help given.
Now I am trying to add a in the moment support aspect for users of the website so that it is easy to determine who is ok and who needs help by using a green, orange, red marker status and trying to handcode that by a form in each infowindow which has 3 selections to dynamically choose a different png for that particular marker and also a dropdown box showing each marker and allowing the markers png to be changed by that. Quite a challenge for me with little skills but hopefully I will get there.
The more that is provided by wappler the better off i am!
Thanks again

OK, you can set a custom marker in the ‘custom image’ data field.

So (heavily simplified) your data is:
User table
userinfo (multiple fields no doubt)
Status (red, green, orange)

Firstly it should be normalised to:

User table
userinfo (multiple fields no doubt)
StatusID (This could be numbers 12 or 3 or letters G,A,R)

And a new table created.
Status Table ( 1 record per status)
StatusID (matching above)
StatusDescription (i.e. Green, Orange,Red or whatever you need)
MarkerImg (this would contain a link to the marker you want to use for that particular status)

Your query would then need a join

Select * from User inner join Status on User.StatusID = Status.StatusID
That is easily done in the server connect query builder

You then simply add the field name ‘MarkerImg’ to the Custom image box
The marker image can either be local (needs path as well as file name) or can be a http web link

Hope i have explained that ok


Thanks i will try and implement that over the next few days, much appreciated.