Community software updated

So we bit the bullet and finally updated our community software to the latest Discourse version bringing you the latest and the best community at your disposal!

The update took a bit longer than expected as it was a huge update, so we had a bit downtime, hopefully you didn’t noticed :slight_smile: - but it was all well worth!

So all the features of the community are still in place, you might notice some menu and sidebar updates as the layout has changed a bit.

Check it all out and let us know if you find any issues with the community functionality.

We will be fine tuning it in the next days, but we don’t expect any more downtime.

More features like AI are coming up in the next days :slight_smile: as we empower more of the latest Discourse features and plugins.


Thrilled with the update already - the sidebar is nice on desktop!

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Things are looking good! I just downloaded the native mobile app as well. Nice update!

Phew… I’m glad you’re back, I felt like I have a limb missing for the last couple of days.

New update looks great on a desktop, much better use of space.

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I’m glad you’re back! The anxiety levels were high yesterday. The Wappler logo doesn’t show up well in light mode. Not a big deal.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 8.35.22 AM

Wait, there is a native mobile app? Where do I find such a thing for iPhone?

When I viewed the updated site in mobile Safari it prompted me to download the DiscourseHub mobile app.‎Discourse Hub on the App Store Previously I had the site bookmarked to my home screen, which was nice because it featured the Wappler logo, but in the few minutes I’ve been using the native app, it seems to work nicely and hopefully will have more reliable notification functionality. I do miss the Wappler logo on my homescreen though.

Oh, its the discourse app. I was hoping it would be just for this community. I think I will stick with the pwa short cut

Awesome, can you give us some hints? :beers: :wink:

I like the new update. Looks great guys.

Community portal is much more slower than before the update.

Well we plan to install the latest very cool AI plugins from Discourse like:


I remember the days of 300 Baud so to me the modern internet is like space travel!



Yes it might seem a bit slower now but that is because the database is fully rebuilding its indexes now and doing heavy optimizations. So it should be fine in a day.

And if not we will just plugin some extra CPU’s :slight_smile: - that is the advantage of having VPS


Ahhhhhh reminds me of the days of ascii pr0n and alt. newgroups!


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Ok, well thats good, I"m not going insane. Had a hard drive crash last week on the mac I use onsite last week. So still rebuilding and configuring things. I was like hmmmmm I don't remember the side bar, but maybe my resolution was different and forced it over there. But good work guys!