Community is Wappler's Heart... Now, Even Better

Well, Wappler goes forward bravely! As you can see - we’re releasing new version every Thursday, so the progress is clear.

Now, is fully supplied with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google login. It’s easier than ever to join, so let you friends and colleagues know that!

Community is the core, the heart of Wappler! You’re on focus!

In June we increased some of the main statistics of Community on a monthly basis:

  • 47 000 pageviews (+41%)
  • 1 800 user visits (+25%)

Our team is very happy that Wappler got great supporters as you, our community. Thank you, and once more - thank you!

Keep posting and Wappler-ing! Great things are coming up…

Invite your friends to get Wappler!


The community is indeed alive. I was gone for a few days travel and now its time to catch up on all the threads i missed.

Doesn’t seem as much when you visit several times a day… but take a few days away and the place explodes! :wink:


Wappler is still starting out. For us who have been working with dmx for several years we know that ServerConnect and AppConnect are not just toys for kids playing around (mom look what i did). Two great ‘frameworks’ | ‘libraries’ that are changing the way web development is approached. We were pioneers when we were using the secret DW weapon which was DMX. Now with Wappler we are not a hidden gheto. Imagine 20 - 30 years ago when Photoshop came to life. Traditional photographers were suspicious. Same goes with us now. Believe it or not, we are starting a revolution here.