Comma and period as decimal marks

I have a need to as my users are in both America and Europe. I have some input validation and it is required a decimal, how can I allow local format for these input fields?

Not tested but try this.
Find their location with the ‘location’ component. Based on the value you get, ‘dmx-hide’ or ‘dmx-show’ the input that matches the case.

Thank you!

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Do you need input mask ?

Bet @psweb has an API solution for that one :grin:

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Just checking but are you meaning this

• United States — $1,234,567.89 USD
• Canada — $1,234,567.89 CAD
• Great Britain — £1.234.567,89 GBP
• European — €1.234.567,89 EUR

Where some currencies want a . And others a , ?


Thank you @patrick that is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while. Lol. Is that the story of your life?
I literally cried with laughter.

If you liked that video, you should also check out his other videos. You learn a lot about them and why programming is so difficult.

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