Coming up next: Mobile Apps Deployment with Cordova

You have being asking for it and it is coming up in the next update!

Full integration with Cordova for Mobile packaging and deployment! Finally you can build and publish those amazing mobile apps directly to Apple AppStore and Google Play Store with a single click!

Curious how it will work? Here is a short demo video:

So check it out @michele, @Dave, @mrbdrm, @s.alpaslan, @lsadesl and @brad of course :slight_smile:


Thank you George!
Really looking forward to having a good play with the features in the coming weeks.

Quick question. Will we be able to connect to REST API’s?

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Yes! We just need to stabilize the core components first and then we will move on to more great things :slight_smile:

See also:


That is awesome news George. We spent months writing our client API’s. Quite basic with simple CRUD operations but it all works nicely. Token based authentication was an issue so to see you already considering this factor is a real benefit. To be able to authenticate to a User table would be a real blessing.

I’d imagine these features would be very attractive to a lot of Users.

Great work.

Thank you!



Been waiting for this thank you

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All hail wappler!

Last time i checked we couldn’t generate forms for framework 7
Will this be fixed in the upcoming update?


Hard to tell exactly what you are doing in the video but I am really looking forward to giving this some work! Hopefully some documentation will be released at the same time.

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Well, in the video it is shown how to build and pack your app and then run it in the emulator for the selected device :slight_smile: So you can check how it works/test it directly in Wappler.

The emulator part I understood. And it’s pretty sweet.

I am sure the video will make more sense once we get to play and experiment a bit more. I may have to watch the video a few times. Was hard to process in my mind what was being clicked on and why in the video.

But I do like the emulator (and that you used the iPhone X in the demo) :wink:


How are all the files in the file panel generated? Adding a framework in the Framework Tool same as Bootstrap, etc?

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