Combining wcart and Stripe integration

Ok, just looking for a bit of direction here. I have setup the wCart from @ben on a site that didn’t require credit card authorization. It worked very well for what I needed.

Now I am adding ecommmerce to another site. This one I will need credit card authorization and will use Are there any tutorials or directions for combining the cart with the stripe integration?

I haven’t fully gone through the stripe integration tutorials yet from @Hyperbytes.

I’m just checking my logic here. I should setup the cart the way I want according to the wCart tutorial and then can add the stripe integration on top of that?

Thanks for any input.

The biggest thing missing from Wappler is an integrated way to build an eCommerce site.

agreed. I just finished reading the stripe integration tutorials and all seem to make sense to me now. So I guess I am just gonna jump in and get started…

More later…

I will also be needing to add Stripe soon to a new client project. I’ve noticed Stripe has updated their API’s recently and they’re trying to move people away from Charges to Payment Intents. I’m just weighing up whether to cheat and use their Checkout solution or go whole hog and use Stripe JS and integrate their Card Elements to my checkout pages.

I have not used Stripe, so I am only assuming the way that it will work.

When linking to the Stripe library, it will create a payment form complete with JS and CSS
When the user presses the Payment button, Stripe will validate the credit card and return with a nonce. Using the nonce, you can then process the payment through the Stripe Charge API.

The ‘Pay’ button in the tutorial, can be used as the payment button for Stripe.

As a side note: have you had a look at

I haven’t checked it out yet. But I will.