Columns with an ID cause repeats to fail (Node, Docker)

Wappler Version : 5.5.3
Operating System : Ubuntu
Server Model: Node
Database Type:
Hosting Type: Digital Ocean

What do you think should happen?

If you give a column an ID value repeats should function correctly. This is occurring in a Content Page based on a Layout Page in Node/Docker, but may cause issues with other Server Models and configurations?

What actually happens?
If you enter an ID value for the column and add a repeat it prefixes the expression for the Action with content.

How to reproduce

  • Add an ID to a column.
  • Select the column and add a repeat.
  • Content. will be added to the expression.
  • Your repeating column is FUBAR.

Only took me ALL day to figure this out after thinking I was going absolutely mental!

@Teodor have sent you a video as it speaks a thousand words! Has to be seen to be believed. And am sure this has other knock on issues with other attributes given an ID value.

Bumping. Please can this be investigated and confirmed as a bug?

Many thanks in advance.

Any update on this please? Has been nearly a month since reported. We like to use IDs for some functionality which requires the ID of the element.

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Without seeing the video, it sounds like you have a DB column called id which is causing the issue

If you have a column with the name id you can set an alias in the query for that column so it becomes something like userid or meetingid or thingid etc.

Sorry Ben but that is not a fix nor do we wish to use an alias. But thank you for the suggestion.