Collection formatters add extra escape slashes that break the formatter

When making these formatters:

It adds those extra escaping characters \ which break the functionality. Need to remove them by myself

Using latest 5.1.3 wappler

And why you don’t pick the property using the data picker? When you enter this by hand it’s considered a string, so it’s wrapped in quotes.

Data picker doesn’t always show the values I need, but that’s for another bug report.
So I got used to writing things, faster and more accurate this way

Well “writing things” like that insert strings, where the data picker expects a dynamic value … so that is not a bug here. You are not supposed to write strings there. These values, if ever needed to be written by hand, need to be entered in “code” view of the data picker.

In this specific field, there’s no situation a literal string (wrapped in quotes) would work, as it expects a “property name”. I really recommend stripping away the quotes in favor of a better UX for these kind of fields of accepting “properties”. It’s not like you can select multiple properties at the same time through the Data Binding Picker and have a + between them… Is there expression parsing at all here?

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Fair enough Teodor, I feel like a merge between ‘code’ and ‘design’ input fields are due in the near future.
I know other heavy users like Sid agree that the design view is usually just not good enough, and end up using the code view all the time. These extra clicks add up a lot :slight_smile: