Code View Jumps Location After Replace All on Selected Region

In Code View, you do a search and replace all on code in a selected region.

Expected Behaviour
When the replace all completes, the code view remains in the same place in your code.

Observed Behaviour
The code view jumps to somewhere different, meaning you have to scroll back to where you were working.

Hi @Antony
I’ve only noticed a minor change of position after replacing. Perhaps it’s more of an issue with very long pages. It might help to use Cmd or Ctrl + G to jump back to the line you started on (in case you haven’t come across this feature).

Hi @TomD… thanks for your perspective and the ctrl-G idea!

It is still rather unsettling though… replace all is always a command that makes you nervous, so to have the display jump around too just adds to the tension! :fearful:

And I want us all to feel as calm, happy and supported as possible when wappling… :slight_smile:

If I’m making changes which are at all likely to have unfortunate results if things go wrong, I duplicate the file before making any changes. If I’m tweaking a file that is in production, I’ll always do this.

Perhaps I should use Git for this but I’m used to making lots of quick backups, which I’ll usually delete when I’m happy with the changes. I wish there were a shortcut to duplicate a file (‘Save As’ has a shortcut but it takes much longer).