COBRA Database?

Against my advice a client a few years ago put down a lot of money to convert their records, operations & a lot of data submitted by hundreds of in-field employees into a COBRA database.

Still a thing in Europe. Now they want to create online dashboards that will pull individual Project data, submitted by a Cobra form, into views for graphs that can be displayed on demand in an online Client Dashboard per Project.

COBRA is a long way from this capability & will charge beaucoup euros for something that would have been so comparatively easy if this data wasn’t stored in a COBRA platform.

Due to friendships I still try to advise my friends on such questions informally.

Just to export Cobra queries into csv files that can be used to update a mysql or nosql type database schema requires a dedicated license for such operations AND an expensive Cobra tech hours or days to SERVICE each “custom modification”.

I know that COBRA is usually hosted on a MSSQL Oracle server and that regular SQL queries can pull data from the Cobra Admin tool which my friends use for working with data internally.

Has anyone worked with COBRA to run Custom Queries for Export to a relational database on a different server platform? I see in illustrations & reading COBRA online info that custom queries which I could write for import into relational database tables can be run & scheduled.

I’d like to tell them that they don’t need to haul in an expensive Cobra tech for this. They regularly spend hundreds of euros each month to get technical support from this company.

They won’t throw out COBRA anytime soon, but I’d like to give them the ability to extract needed data into SQL relational tables that can feed online Client dashboards in browsers.

Has anyone here in Coffee Lounge heard of anyone not a COBRA licensed tech performing similar Query Output to CSV files?

Can ask some colleagues and see if anyone comes back to me, if I get a positive response will message you @NewMedia

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My friend came back to me but not great news @NewMedia

Had a chat with a couple of the guys and no one has really worked on cobra, but one person said he had seen some cobra stuff at some point, he seems to remember the early versions were proprietary, but in later versions they use a ODBC mechanism, to either SQL or Oracle or anything else for that matter. But its not one anyone knew about.

Not sure if that helps in any way at all? He will continue to ask around though.


Thanks so much for taking the time to ask for me and reply back!
Much appreciated!

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