Classic ASP - requirements

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Although it supports asp, am i right to say that i still have to create the asp header in code view?
as i teaching the kids, i wonder if there is an area to choose a file type like asp, aspx, html, php etc, so the kids dont have to type the all lot ie.




You don’t have to create the header. Wappler only uses classic asp in the server code. That’s the pages it creates to serve the data to the front end. All pages you create in Wappler are standard HTML 5 pages.

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hi turn3636

sorry not with you lol.
when i go to wappler and do file new it creates an untitled.html

You don’t need an actual asp file created. With wappler you can work wtih simple HTML files.
You don’t need to add any headers to any files - just use them as they are.

That’s correct. That’s the file type you use. When you use the Server connect feature to retrieve dynamic data from a database, Wappler will create asp server side pages to create the database connection and serve the data to the html page. You never have to look at those pages. Wappler creates them for you.



Love it when it just “clicks” and starts to make sense!

lol - say no more lol

hi there

inserted 2 test fields for login and password, but they go from side to side, how do i reduce them in length?

Are you using the Bootstrap framework? We will need to see your code to see what’s happening.