Classic ASP: Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation

Classic ASP- MS SQL Database int (double/number) confusion.

I always have to manually amend my serverconnect actions type in the where condition eg. /dmxConnect/api/myserverconnect.asp

                      "id": "Table.my_id",
                      "field": "Table.my_Id",
                      "type": "double",
                      "operator": "equal",
                      "value": "{{securityTable.identity}}",
                      "data": {
                        "table": "Table",
                        "column": "my_id",
                        "type": "number"

I change the line to "type": "number" and it works.
ints are reported in the connection file as

        "my_id": {
          "type": 3,
          "nullable": 1

Is there any more info needed from me to get this looked into?


How do you connect to your database? Do you use ODBC or the MS SQL driver as connection?

Also note that we are currently freezing any features and support for the classic ASP server model and it will be soon deprecated because it is already dropped many years ago by Microsoft.

So it is advisable to switch to other server model like PHP

And lastly we are currently on Christmas break so support is a bit slower than usually.

How do you connect to your database? Do you use ODBC or the MS SQL driver as connection?

With the MS SQL Driver (SQL Server 2012+)

George, I saw your post and that got me a little concerned. We still have a lot of code in classic asp. We have most of our code in ASP. NET. Will ASP.NET be affected?

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ASP.NET will continue to get its first class support in Server Connect just like PHP

Just the Classic ASP will have it’s features freezed now and we won’t be adding any new functionality to it. It will continue working as is.

Classic ASP is limiting us because it is a dead technology and we can’t add any new cool features that are easy to do in PHP and ASP.NET. Eventually we will be deprecating Classic ASP as we want to add more server models like NodeJS and maybe Go Lang.

Thanks for the explanation. Glad to hear ASP.NET will continue to be a server model in Wappler.

It seems to be affecting the Single Query only.

Sorry to be a pain, but its really frustrating still having to manually go into the dmxConnect/api/ folder and modify any action values from double to number. Any chance you can take a look?

Fix will be in next Wappler update, you can already test it if you want, extract the files in the zip file to dmxConnectLib/lib/db. (4.4 KB)

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Fixed in Wappler 2.7.1

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