Chrome extensions

Can we create chrome extensions? :wink:

For what?

Hello @Freddy_Blockchain sorry for my late reply . Nw.js and electron realy good for desktop applications and kiosk etc.

Chrome extensions using JSON format . Maybe some users could use this feature .

Foexample I want to track most popular coins on my chrome browser ( i know there are too many tools . I said just example)

I also want to create a chrome extension using Wappler. In this case it should be an extension where you can enter some text in a input field, and then simply submit the form.

I’ve tried this with Wappler but I think chrome only allows html/javascript/css (no PHP). Am I correct here @George @Teodor? Or is there another way to make a chrome extension using wappler?

Bump from me. Would be a brilliant adddition.