Check inserted records


So I need to check the insterted records. Basically I have a CSV file which before inserting all it´s records to the database, applies a condition to check if the value “ha” exists, if it doesn´t exist, it won´t insert the record.

I want the user to check the data before uploading it to the data base, like “are you sure you want to inster all these records to de database?” Shows the table with the filtered data, and the user can opt to accept or not the data upload.



I would implement this through two tables (temporary “to check” and main). When the file is loaded, all records satisfying the condition “ha” are imported into the temporary table. Then we upload the data of this table to the refinement window, in which the user answers the question: “are you sure you want to install all these records in the database”?”

If the user clicks “Yes”, the data from the temporary table will be written to the main one, and then we will clear the temporary table.

If the user clicks No, the data is simply deleted from the temporary table.

Perhaps this is not the most effective option. But I think it would work well.

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Excellent idea! Thanks!