Check if Response of Server Connect Query is Empty

Hello again.
How can I check if the response of a server connect database query is blank?
I would like to toggle visibility of a “No Records Found” element based on response of the query. Please help.

Select your “No Records Found” element and add new dynamic attribute > display> show > and select your query as an expression.
Click the formatter icon, under conditional select Has Items:

Click ok and then add a ! in front of the expression, so it becomes:

! This means show the element when the query does NOT have items.

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Could you point me to some documentation where I could understand how these expressions work in context of App Connect?

You can find the documentation here:
We are constantly updating it, so slowly we are filling the missing topics…

For anybody in the future who’s interested in this topic - here’s a link to the how-to guide explaining this in our docs: Show a Message when Query Returns No Results

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Wouldn’t it be better to use the HIDE attribute and hide it when result has items?

It’s the same :slight_smile:
Whatever you find easier.