Charset encoding and mysql

Ok not realy a wappler question… trying to get emojies to show from mysql . When displayed in wappler i see ???

If i change Field type to BLOB in mysql they display fine but the field won’t be searchable(as far as i know) I’m using utf8mb4_bin

any tips?
I managed to get some to work by resetting the db/table collate/charset but not all emojies come through or get stored. (unless i put directly into table)

collate is set to utf8mb4_unicode_ci and charset utf8mb4
I even edited the db connect file.

cant figure it out!


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Fixed! :slight_smile: Had to make a change in connection.php

First convert mysql tables&db to utf8mb4 / utf8_unicode_ci

Then if you still cannot insert or view Emojies in wappler change this line: