Changes not saving (intermittent)


Occasionally changes are not being saved. The document refreshes reverting to its previous state before the changes were made. This is intermittent and very frustrating. Happened several times today but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going mad before I reported it. Haven’t managed to record it yet.

There are NO ERRORS in the document, no Server Connect Actions. Static page with BS4 and a few Blocks.


What kind of changes are you making? I find that happens occasionally when editing text elements. I find hitting tab after making changes to text seems to force the change.


I have the same experience here. It is indeed intermittent, and a bit annoying.


Guys can you report what exactly have you changed and how (design view/code view/some panel)?

Brad, when editing text you should either click outside of the block you are editing, or hit enter/tab.


Hi Teodor,
Mostly attributes and classes (sometimes in the App Connect Panel, such as Lang, other times in the source itself adding and amending class names). Occasionally some paragraph texts also revert. It’s quite difficult to pin down. Even images have reverted, so essentially it could be anything. Suffice to say I’m saving and checking everything vigilantly at the moment. Sorry the answer is a little vague. It has only been occurring since 2.0 though…


Here’s a recent example…

After opening the panel, tooltip would not go away.