Change to docker container names

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Did something change within the last few updates to how the docker container names are generated?

I deployed to staging tonight, and after a successful deployment, my caddy server (reverse proxy to docker) was throwing up our maintenance page. I figured out that the container names in caddy no longer matched what wappler generated.

It appears that in certain places, hyphens have replaced underscores.

Can you confirm this is what happened, so I can confidently make the proper changes before hitting production?


We tried to keep docker names all the time tge same, even there is an option to retain old name or use a specific one in the targets dialog.

But we had some cases that we needed to cleanup spaces otherwise bad names were generated and the new docker might be doing also similar things.

So in which certain places you encounter the issue?

Before this issue the container name was:


Without making any changes to any targets, my most recent deployment named the container:


It is as if your process for naming the container changed. Not a big deal for me to rename, but I’d have more confidence now pushing to production if you could confirm that such a change was made, else I’m left wondering why it changed.

Here is another data point on this. Different project:

The container names are different from Recreated to Started.

Did you reapply the project targets settings before deploy or just deployed?

Just deployed

Could you check in your .wappler/project.json for the targets do you have a dockerProjectName attribute set there?

and also what is exactly your target name?

From project.json:

"name": "Staging-DO",

"dockerProjectName": "mpp__staging-do",