Change fields default value


I made a page to insert a record in the database. Now, however, if I want to change the default values of the various fields (for example, set the zero value for checkboxes that are not clicked), I open Input fields generators by clicking on “Run”.
But this way if I do ok then I lose all the settings and changes made
Is there another way to change the default values without using the code?


By default values, do you mean the values inserted in the database, if the user doesn’t click the checkbox?


I noticed that if they are clicked the value 1 is saved but otherwise nothing is saved and the field remains “null”


Well, Marzio just use the “default” formatter in the insert record step. So select the value you want to insert, open the data formatter, select “default” and enter the default value that needs to be inserted in your database.


Maybe it’s the late hour but the problem is that I don’t remember how to open the formatter


Well after memory effort I remembered everything
Thanks anyway for giving me the inspiration