Cells in table row with checkbox remain checked after data source refresh

Hello everyone,

I’m running into an issue where I have a table dynamically populated by a Server Connect data source. Each row has a checkbox with a Boolean field to help a user get through their workflow. To make this easier, I created a filter to show table rows with/without the check.

When updating the checkbox (Value Changed), I have a SC update action that updates the row successfully.

As shown by this video (https://share.smartlighthouse.com/E0u4pbK6), when you click on the Refresh button, the checks remain in place even though the data contained in the rows do not have a Boolean = 1 values. The Refresh button executes a new table source query which includes the Boolean filter so I would think since none of the rows have a 1 value for checked the box wouldn’t be checked for any rows.

The checkbox “Checked” value is currently set to the corresponding Server Connect query row value.

How would I go about showing my actual table values and/or clearing the checked checkboxes from the table? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Have you selected a value for the key option in the repeat children region of your dynamic table?

I have not. Sure enough that worked excellently. Thank you @Teodor. I really appreciate it.

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