Can't see upload step properties on insert

Hi, in this step i could not get anything under file upload step, such as path, name, url , type,size,error as stated in screenshot_9. im using wappler 2.1.5 mac version. My OS is Mojave, please help

Well, is your post variable type set to FILE?

No, did i miss any steps?
i have a form that saves categories, name, description and image so i want to have image upload and store file name in the database.

@thines your POST variable representing the file input must be set to type: file, under GLOBALS > $_POST.
Then you will see these properties.
And you need a File input in your form of course!

I have all that now, i selected linked page to load the form fields under Globals, i have File type field anyway to upload the image. but still i cant see name, path, size etc…

What expression is selected for your upload step then?

I got it now… my expression is wrong, i suppose to select the upload field for the file upload instead of $_POST… Thanks for pointing out me

Having same issue. what did you mean “select the upload field for the file upload instead of $_POST…”
is this wrong?

You have properly selected the POST var, but the WHILE step should not be there.
You must add a REPEAT step there. Follow the docs please!

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