Can't publish db changes to production

After the last wappler update (5.2.2) I’m getting this error when publishing to production:
“There was an error during publish database is not running”

Hovering the db connection with the production target is showing html?

My application is broken now because I can’t apply db migrations, any idea what’s going on here?

Found another error:

Well you can always switch to the live target and apply the database changes from the database manager. See what errors you get there.

@George See second screenshot, that’s the error from the db manager.

But I think I have just fixed it, seems to be still a Wappler bug?

  1. I clicked on Direct database connection
  2. Saving that window fixed the issue
  3. I don’t see anything changed in the project files in git, which make me think it’s something in my actual wappler application gone wrong?