Can't add a button after an existing button

Wappler Version: 5.2.1
Operating System: W10

Expected behavior


Actual behavior


Tested here (not using quick menu cause i understand is a limited list)

I have turned off the quick menus in the settings. I think that feature was a bust.

Do you have v5.2.1? This is mine:

Does not help for version 5.2.1

It looks like it’s to do with having buttons inside a vertical form group but I could be wrong?

Yes, but not tried under vertical form group

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I need this for a tutorial. However, I could use a workaround and mention that the current version has a flaw. @George, please advise.

This just didn’t make it to today’s update. We will fix it for the next one.

@ben I feel your pain.
If you hear me adlib and say something like “i will just duplicate that for a change rather than add another” it often really means I am working around a bug :grinning:

That is the workaround that I have also been using.

It’s just that I could have had the tutorial finished shortly after the release of Wappler v5 were it not for the bugs. Normally I would wait patiently; this one cracked me up. The tutorial would have showcased sub-tables and sorting of images. The latter is a feature that has crept in with hardly any fanfare.

For those that are interested in the final product can go to

The tutorial has been placed on the backburner. In fact I know that you will be discussing the showcased items in a future video which makes me want to stop with my production. You are much younger than I and can afford the time. I have reached the stage where I need to control my emotions in order to extend my lifespan.

Great chatting with you Brian (@Hyperbytes). Been following your great work and in my opinion, you deserve an audience with King Charles III to receive a knighthood.

Bugs have certainly been a roadblock for videos recently.
This forum is a much better place for your videos, my skill set is mainly at the server side, your command of CSS and design is a level I could only hope to attain.
If you really need to stop I respect that and will try to plug the huge gap it will leave but you contribute things I never could so if you are seriously intending to stop production I would be honoured to use your content in one if mine, like a collaboration.
I do like being referred to in the context of being youthful, just a young nearly 65 person!

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Are you sure that you are not my love child? :rofl:

On a serious note, I’ll most likely forget my woes once the problems have been cleaned up. Your kind words have certainly helped in the healing process. Thank you for that.

A note to myself: Stop looking at the past and concentrate on the future!

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Fixed in Wappler 5.2.3

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