Cannot use key Cmd+s or 'Save'

When I use the key ‘Command+S’ to save or click on the ‘Save’ menu item, the changes just made resort back to the original. Almost like the Cmd+s command is actually a Cmd+z (go back) command. Is it just my situation or have these two been switched in this update?

Also, this version freezes after I’ve do a number of activities in v1.0.5 on my Macbook, OSX 10.13.5

A little trick after you make changes to text is to hit the tab key to save the text changes. Then your save will stick.

The menu still shows to use ‘Cmd+s’ … how would one know to use the ‘tab’ key otherwise?

CMD+S is still the save. It’s just a little quirk in Wappler that sometimes you have to hit the Tab key to save changes, especially to text. It’s strange alright. I had the same issue as you until @psweb pointed it out to me back in the beta days.

Hmmm… Definitely put this on the “to-be-fixed” list. Thanks for the tip, BTW.

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