Cannot Place Container Inside a Form

When adding an element inside a form, I can add a flex container, but not a plain old container. This seems like something between a bug and an oversight to me!

What are you trying to achieve?

A custom structure!

It just seems inconsistent to allow one and not the other…

The Form element is a type of Container

Inside a form you can place a
form > row > column > input
form > form-row > column > input
form > form-row > form-group > input
form > form-group

Maybe check the Bootstrap Docs to see how Wappler has created their standards

The only one that seems incorrect to me in Wappler is that it does not allow
form > row > form-group
form > form-row > form-group

It seems like form-group is only available after you have a column which does not tie back to the Bootstrap docs.