Cannot open properties of server actions in new Flow Designer

Wappler Version : 6.5
Operating System : Mac M1
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: MySQL
Hosting Type: Docker Local

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

I should be able to open the properties of server actions in the new flow designer.

Actual behavior

Nothing, when I click on each one, regardless of type, nothing happens. It highlights on hover, appears to be being clicked but it does not become ‘selected’ and nothing appears to the right in Properties panel.

If I repeatedly click, about 6/7 times all over the item then 2 times out of 4 it will then open. It seems to be more reactive on the left hand side of the server action compared to repeatedly clicking on the right… unfortunately a second unsuccessful attempt at trialling Wappler 6 beta but looking forward to being able to soon.

Reported already here:

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Fixed in Wappler 6 beta 9