Cannot move/re order nav bar links

In design view i create a menu inside a container but it wont let me drag and re order the inks. I am having to delete and add new at correct location.

I did notice i can do it in DOM view now . It’ so difficult when some things are draggable others not. Drop Down Items are draggable but not navlinks…

Can we make menu item draggable please? thanks


Dragging does seem to work rather erratically generally, and you would certainly expect it work for Nav Links. However…

seems like rather hard work. In code view you can easily reorder lines of code: Alt+Arrow Up/Down or you can sort a selection of lines alphabetically using the Command Palette options.

you can also try to reorder them in the App Structure panel - we have drag en drop there as well

That’s what i meant. NavLinks are not draggable in App structure where as dropmenu items are so cannot reorder menus that way. Trial and error and then code view i guess :slight_smile:

Dragging navlinks works for me. 2.3.4/MACOS1 0.15

even under

<div class="navbar-nav"> ? mine wont budge

can you add a screenshot of the dragging? Maybe the drop place icons in the App Structure tree are not always clearly visible and you have to be at the right position that allows the drop

It’s not the drop icon, most dragging works. I only asked about Nav links within a navbar, cannot rearrange them. Dropmenus/items i can move just fine


Found the problem! Good catch!

Navbar links weren’t correctly identified by our Bootstrap 4 rules as Nav Items, so that’s why they weren’t draggable.

This will be fixed in the next update


This has been fixed in Wappler 2.3.5

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