Cannot Connect to Remote Server, Docker Instance Error Launching Service, Wont connect to local

I’ve been going at this for more than 10 hours… I have tried every which way to figure out how to connect this thing to the remote server.

I have a plesk installation and it would not connect to it… well, it would give me an error of different files already being present and wouldnt let me save the server model… “dockerignore already present” or nmrcs already present…

I was able to figure out the Hetzner connection for Docker… I had the system create a new server and now it says that "Docker Compose is not a regocnized name.

Here is a Loom Video:

Can you try to install Docker on your Wappler machine? Might be needed for some step before uploading to your Hetzner server (edit: or you might need to install Docker on the Hetzner server,

Don’t know about the “.dockerignore already present”, but I were you I’d try to erase that file on your Plesk’s machine (e.g.: through FTP) and try again

Yes, I did have to do this… I had to outsource but what ended up sort of working was creating an empty project first changing the server Mode to NodeJS and THEN bringing in the project files… It’s not fully working, I dont have it in the remote server or Docker because Ive been dying to work on the other parts of it… but its progress and I think it will work remotely as well

I thought I was executing in the remote server, I didnt understand why I neeed it in the local machine. I guess it does it locally and uses the ssh commands to transfer it over instead