Cannot add new Summernote toolbar

Wappler Version : 5.5.1
Operating System : Windows 10
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: SQLite
Hosting Type: Wappler Local

shows you can simply click the plus button to add a new toolbar to Summernote but it doesn’t seem to work

Wappler Version : 5.5.1
Bootstrap 5
Operating System : Mac
Server Model: PHP
Database Type: MySQL
Hosting Type: Wappler Remote

I too am having issues with the Summernote Toolbar after update Wappler 5.5.1. The Toolbar is not appearing inside a modal and I have also selected the checkbox: “Use In Modal”

<form id="form_announcement" method="post" class="form" is="dmx-serverconnect-form"> <textarea class="col" id="editor1" name="editor1" is="dmx-summernote" dmx-bind:toolbar="[['style',['style']],['font',['bold','underline','clear']],['fontname',['fontname']],['color',['color']],['para',['ul','ol','paragraph']],['table',['table']],['insert',['link','picture','video']],['view',['fullscreen','codeview','help']]]" dialogs-in-body="true"></textarea> <button dmx-on:click="TBD" class="btn btn-danger w-100">Post Announcement</button> </form>

Could be doing something wrong, but I am also having issues loading data into Summernote.

I want to load data from my database into the editor, I don’t see any place for dynamic data so I assume I have to use dynamic attributes.

I tried entering text in Dynamic Attributes for both inner text and inner html but neither work.

does not display anything in the Summernote component on a live page.

@Teodor have you had a chance to look into this at all?

Checked again after 5.5.2 and I still can’t add a toolbar or use dynamic data.
I assume @revjrblack is still having his issue as well.

Got the dynamic data figured out. There is no option in the UI for value but you can add it to the code manually with dmx-bind:value=

Toolbar still isn’t working with UI but I assume I will be able to add it manually as well.





I think two different issues are reported here.

@revjrblack is having a browser issue of the whole editor not being rendered. Maybe check the devtools console for errors.

And @Eric_F having an UI issue in Wappler self. We will investigate this.

What kind of browser issues should I be looking for? The images were screenshots while using the Safari browser.

The initial issue has been fixed in Wappler 5.5.3, if you have a different issue, please post it in a separate topic.

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