Can we have a BS4 discussion category please?

A BS4 discussion category is needed.
For instance where can I post this question:

“Where is the BS4 carousel component?”

Hi Howard,
We do not think the Bootstrap carousel is a great component, that’s why it’s not included.
We have a better one called Swiper, which can be found under the components category, and another one called Slideshow.


So you’re saying we should use the AC swiper or slideshow?

One “problem” I have here is that when I work I always have a browser open with:

for ready reference.
I think that if you have better or improved or alternative Wap/DMX components available that this must be documented so that we don’t get too confused searching for them.

So I will add a row and column and swiper and see how it goes!

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Yes I recommend using swiper or the slideshow :slight_smile:

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@Howard, just to add to Teodor’s statement, I wish all of the Bootstrap components would be replaced by AC’s. The AC’s are far easier to use, much more versatile, faster execution and above all do not use jQuery.

When introducing a new widget to your page, first check App Connect, then look elsewhere.

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